How do I get rid of pink eye on 13 yr old?

Usually can't. Pink eye is a common term for viral, bacterial or allergic conjunctivitis. If its viral, it will resolve on its own, but artificial tears may help. Bacterial needs to be treated with antibiotics, and allergy can be treated with antihistamine/mast cell inhibitors. Have him see an ophthalmologist to find out what he has.
See the Eye MD. You should take your child to the ophthalmologist. You have to determine the cause of the conjunctivitis. Does you child wear contact lenses or have allergies? They are treated very differently. For comfort you can start with luke warm compresses twice a day. Also you should have our child do frequenty hand washing and use paper towels instead of cloth towels to dry hands.

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How do I get rid of pink eye on 1yr old with sick siblings?

Self limited. Pink eye is self limited, just make sure your one year old does not have clogged tear ducts. In a one year old this could mimic pink eye. An ophthalmologist should exam your child to rule this out as well as more serious conditions if this persists.

How do I quickly get rid of pink eye on 1yr old girl?

Artifical tears. Wash with artificial tears and lid scrubs.

How do I get rid of pink eye using OTC meds?

You cant. If it's viral (most are), nothing will alter its course. If its bacterial, antibiotic can shorten course by a few days.

How do I get rid of pink eye using home remedies or OTC meds?

Viral infection. Classic pink eye results from adenovirus or rhinovirus, and is self-limited. Should clear without treatment in 3 to 7 days. Antibiotic drops only help if bacterial component, usually accompanied by yellow mucus discharge. Itching and redness of viral conjunctivitis can be relieved with otc antihistamine-vasoconstrictor drops like naphcon a. If symptoms last longer than 5 days see eye doctor.

What can I do to help my get rid of pink eye in my toddler?

See pediatrician. Pink eye in this age is most likely due to infection. You should clean the eyes and then seek an appointment with your pediatrician or your ophthalmologist.
See an eye doctor. A red eye in a toddler should be evaluated by a pediatric ophthalmologist to diagnose and then properly treat what the cause of the pink eye is.