Why is the top of my rib cage tender?

Rib cage pain. Consider costochondritis, sprain, strain, bone contusion as most likely cause. Other causes include cardiac or referred neurogenic pain.

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Burning or stinging around top of rib cage. It happens, when I bend over, or when I cough, or sneeze, and feels tender to touch, but when I press, in that area, when bending, or coughing, or sneeze, I don't feel any, burning, or stinging.

Patients . Patients who have this symptom could have muscular irritation; nerve root irritation; or even a skin condition that is coming on such as shingles. Patients could try advil or tylenol (acetaminophen) to see if it helps. If the condition worsened, had other symptoms, or any rash, then it would be reasonable for the patient to consult their physician. Read more...