Is neck pain can cause numbness and tingling and goose bumps sensations?

Possibly. A pinched nerve in the neck can cause neck pain as well as numbness and tingling. Goose bumps are not a common complaint but are certainly possible.
Pinched Nerve. A pinched nerve can usually cause numbness and weakness, but not goosebumps.

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I am in p.T for my neck pain. I have numbness and tingling and burning in the neck when air gets on it. Is this a nerve thing and what can be done it?

Yes. However, the fact that light touch or air causes burning pain to your face and neck that is odd. If it does not resolve with pt and exercise or gets worse, i would see a pain specialist to rule out anything else. This could be early signs of a rare pain disorder called complex regional pain sydrome or even shingles. However it could be just a herniated disk as well. Read more...