How long after PMS or pmdddo you get your period?

It depends. It depends on the individual, but most start the menstrual flow within 1 week to 10 days from the pmdd/pms signs.

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I usually get really bad pmdd 15 days before my period until my pd starts, & none this cycle. Can a lack of PMS be an indication of possible pregnancy?

Yes. Since PMDD us usually related to hormone changes a lack of the usual changes die to pregnancy could alter your PMDD symptoms. Check a HPT.
Pregnancy. Not necessarily. However, if you have had unprotected sex and you have missed a period, you should take a pregnancy test.
Maybe. PMDD or premenstrual dysphoric disorder is related to hormonal levels. Pregnancy changes that, & might be a reason. Wait & see if you miss a period and to a home PG test. But other factors can modify the intensity and duration of PMDD, and painful periods, too (dysmenorrhea) including medications, both over the counter and prescription, diet, exercise, stress, emotional state, coping skills, etc.

Pms or pmdd-period like cramps and moody?

Only before period. Both PMS and pmdd are limited to the week or so before the period. Pmdd is specifically significant depression. Pms can be moodiness, bloating, breast tenderness and other hormone-related symptoms. If your symptoms persist beyond the week before your period, you should get them checked out.

When on my period, I have constant mood swings, depression, I understand "pms" but I feel this is a lot worse. Could I have pmdd?

That is possible. With Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD) a woman’s symptoms can be so severe that it interferes with her ability to function. It would behove you to seek mental health evaluation. Take care.
That's still "pre-" Whatever, whenever it is - you seem to feel that it is linked to your menstrual cycle - right? This would mean that the other half+ of the month you are no more depressed or hi/lo than the next person - right? If so, take this to an OBGYN and be patient as they run lab tests, etc. If it's as I've asked, try to avoid psychotropics. Talk therapy might help w/ mgmt skills but chemicals may be a risk.