What are the concerns for having high alkaline phosphatase?

Liver or bone. Answer can depend on situation. Pregnancy can raise alk phos level. In general, however, the source is either liver or bone and the reason should be determined, since the causes can be treated. There are too many possibilities to list and your doctor will have to determine the source, possibly by doing additional testing. Liver may mean hepatitis or bile duct blockage. Bone can be paget's disease.

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I am sufferingwith low grade fever from last 5 days I have done my lft having high alkaline phosphatase i.E, 469 kindly tell me what is the matter?

Elevated . Alkaline phosphatase can come from liver problems or from bone. Usually, if other liver functions are normal, it means that it is coming from bile cells in the liver, not the liver cells, so you could have gallstones. If it is coming from bone, it could be bone infection or tumor. Best to ask your doctor for opinion. Read more...