What is everyday life like working with boss with narcissistic personality disorder?

Disregard for others. Since people with npd frequently have difficulties with empathy and care for others, I would expect that the employee would be faced with the boss falling short in these important areas of leadership. Also, people with npd might tend to project their rage into others, so the employee might inexplicably feel intense anger or rage when with the boss, or perhaps when thinking about him or her.

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How do you get a person w narcissistic personality disorder to seek help to improve quality of life when they can't acknowledge they have an issue?

Narcisstic Tx. This is a tough assignment. There really is no treatment for anyone who does not want treatment no matter the disorder. It could be this or any addiction. They have to hit bottom before they are ready to discuss treatment. If this person comes face-to-face with lossing someone or something of value you can discuss treatment. Don't call it narcissism. Better to take a trait of selfishness to work.
Narcissism. The short answer to this, is the person has to want to help. You cannot force them to seek therapy, counseling, or much of anything else unless they want it. Much harder question to address is why does the person who is not narcissistic stay with the narcissist?