Is it possible for mvis (multivitamin) to slow macular degeneration (amd)?

Not MVIs (multivitamin) High-doses of vitamins a, c, and e plus zinc and copper were shown in the age-related eye disease study (areds) over a 5 year period to decrease the progression to wet macular degeneration in eyes with certain high risk characteristics. The doses of these vitamins and minerals in the areds formulation (like preservision) are higher than what is typically found in an MVI (multivitamin) (like centrum).
Yes. I am assuming you are referring to multivitamins. The age related eye disease study (areds) answered this question. Patients with amd were given a special cocktail of vitamin c, e, zinc, copper, and beta carotene. These patients had a 25% reduction in the risk of progression of their amd. These vitamins can be purchased over the counter and sell as ocuvite, preservision, or i-caps .
Certain vitamins may. Certain vitamins, anti-oxidants and minerals have been shown to slow down the progression of some forms of macular degeneration, mostly dry. Areds2 formulation is based on large studies and most eye care professionals and retina specialists recommend it.