Do you have to have a general to have bottom impacted wisdom tooth extracted?

No. But it is advisable. You can have a local and it is simply more traumatic. Oral surgeons use short acting anesthetics to have you out while the procedure is done and then easily awakened. It also depends how badly the tooth is impacted. If it is badly impacted you do not want to be awake while the doctor digs it out.
Not usually. So much in dental treatment depends on the patient, their pain tolerance as well as the type of extraction, ie; bony, or ankylosed. A surgeon's skill, touch & the way they do a surgery. Great hands with a patient who follows all of the home care directions can lead to a very positive result with very little pain. Even with all the variables, we usually do not use a general. Pain meds can help.

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Hi, is it fine to have my impacted wisdom tooth extracted while I am currently having a tonsillitis? Thank you!

Contact oral surgeon. I would contact your oral surgeon. If you don't have any symptoms from your wisdom teeth - often times elective surgeries are postponed until the person is healthier.
No. No. Increases risk of complications. Contact oral surgeon. I'm sure he/she will want you to wait until the tonsillitis is resolved.

I had an impacted wisdom tooth extracted & had it packed with alvogyl, its been 6 days & I still feel alot of pain & habe a horrible taste in my mouth?

Follow up. Call the doctor who treated you, report your symptoms and ask to be seen for a follow up visit. Unfortunately we can not evaluate this properly over the internet.
Well. Could be infection or some kind of complication call your dentist office and seek prompt medical attention.

The tooth next to the impacted wisdom tooth extraction site feels more sensitive and hurts when biting. Is it part of the healing process?

Healing in progress. Post impacted teeth extraction, inflammation radiates to adjacent tooth or teeth. This will subside after few days to couple weeks once bone is healed and remodeled. As you guessed healing is in progress. If you do not see changes you need to followup with the surgeon.
Combination. After an impacted wisdom tooth is removed there is some inflammation in the area. This can caused referred pain to the adjacent teeth. Also depending on how the impacted tooth was positioned, the removal may have left some sensitive area of the adjacent tooth exposed to the oral cavity. It is also possible that there could be an independent problem on the adjacent tooth.
Could be. If the tooth was impacted and bone had to be removed to extract it, the surrounding area would probably be sore for awhile. Suggest anti inflammatory meds and check tooth ahead after healing or at suture removal to assess for cracks or caries.
Perfectly normal. The removal of impacted teeth is an invasive surgical procedure. Sometimes the tooth next to an extraction site gets a bit traumatized during the procedure and now it is a part of the healing process. For pain, use the medication prescribed as directed.
It can be. If the impacted tooth is a deeply impacted tooth or is in close contact to the adjacent tooth, you may experience sensitivity to hot and cold, and/or feel that your bite may be a little different immediately following surgery. The sensitivity will usually resolve unless the adjacent tooth had decay present prior to surgery.