I am having what feels like fluttering. Heart palpitations?

Yes. Everyone feels their heart "skip, pound, flutter, quiver, " or even race sometimes. It doesn't necessarily indicate a problem, but if it becomes frequent, bothersome, or occurs with dizziness, passing out, chest pain, or trouble breathing, it's time to get it checked out.
Get checked. You should be evaluated with a history and physical exam. In addition an ekg and perhaps a 24hour recording (holter monitor) would be useful to characterize the cause and help to decide if any treatment is necessary. It may be helpful to avoid excess caffeine and alcohol.

Related Questions

I ate flaxseed months ago and had heart palpitations. Now today I ate chia seeds in a recipe and now having heart flutters again. Do these cause this?

Possible allergy. I've never heard of either flax or chia seeds causing heart palpitations. This could be a coincidence (just because you eat something and then get a symptom does not mean that was the cause of the symptom). It is possible you are allergic to flax and chia seeds, as palpitations can be caused by food allergies. Try these again (separately).If every time you eat them you get palpitations then avoid. Read more...