My 16mo had MMR vaccine 24th, fever on 27-28, fever return on 2 sep, mild fever, af med, fever will go and back ard 6-7hrs later, is that normal?

MMR reactions... ...Happen between days 4-12, so 3 days between the shot and the fever is on the low side - not impossible, but between this, and the fever recurrence (which is also very unlikely with an MMR reaction) i'd see suggest seeing your doctor to look for another cause. Actually, the first fever could be something else, and this new fever is within the reaction window.

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How many days after the MMR vaccine does child get a mild fever?

7-12 days. The MMR (measles-mumps-rubella) vaccine is typically given at 12 months of age and prior to kindergarten entry. About 5% of recipients may have a mild rash and/or fever about 7-12 days following administration of the vaccine. The rash and fever are self-limited, resolving on their own. Read more...