How to tell if you need hearing aids for both ears?

Audiogram. An ENT doctor or an audiologist can perform detailed testing and determine not only the degree of loss in each ear, but which sound frequencies have been affected and then tailor the hearing aids to correct these specific deficiencies.

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I've been told I have otosclerosis and have too have hearing aids as I have 15% hearing loss in both ears I am in constant pain with earache with it?

Need specialist eval. your complaints of pain would not be due to otosclerosis. You need an ear nose and throat specialist evaluation to determine the cause of your pain. It could be inflammation, infection, eustachian tube dysfunction, cholesteotoma or a host of other possible causes. Sorry the centers not more helpful. Best of luck Dr. R. Read more...

Docs, wanted to know if I can get the cochlear implants if 100% deaf in both ears and don't usually wear hearing aids everyday?

Cochlear Implants. You may be a candidate for cochlear implants. You would need to be evaluated by an implant center which would include hearing/speech evaluations. Additionally you would need to wear hearing aids for 3 months as part of the process. Medical evaluations would then be completed, including an MRI or CT of your ears. Read more...