What can u do for multi-drug resistant including ceftriaxone strains of gonorrhea?

Cefixime is good. Multidrug resistant gonorrhea is rare, but on the rise. If you are not better after cefriaxone, have your doctor do a culture, instead of a rapid tests, and ask the lab to test for antibiotic susceptibility. In large studies, Cefixime resistance is very rare but not impossible. So far, all gonorrhea has been sensitive to something. Overuse of antibiotics is probably the cause of this problem.

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How could a multi-drug resistant (including ceftriaxone resistant) strains of n. gonorrhea be treated?

Gonnorrhoea. There are increasingly resistant strains of Gonorrhoea reported in many part of the world, including in the U.S. As such, combination therapy is advised for most cases. If resistant to Ceftriaxone, there are alternative choices, but this is best discussed with your provider or an infectious disease specialist. Read more...