Is previous peroneal tendonitis the cause for my rolling my ankle twice in the last 2 months? Didn't have this happen before my tendinitis.

Could be. The body's initial response to injury or inflammation is often to shut down or weaken muscle groups around an injured joint. This makes sense in the first few days but also quickly leads to muscle atrophy and weakness. If you do not strengthen those muscles during your recovery, you will be exposed to reinjury. Persistent pain after ankle sprain could be sign of more significant injury.
Original injury=caus. The original injury caused instability by tearing the lateral ligaments & now u rely on ur peroneal tendons 2 over work 2 compensate 4 the instability and have developed the tendinitis as they try 2 keep ur ankle stable. C an orthopedic surgeon 4 evaluation & x rays. U may need a reconstruction of the lateral ligaments.