Up back pain w/ gnawing right adominal pain for 1yr. Back feels like its like a tingling burning. Mri spine ok. Could this be cancer? Dr gave me celebrx 200mg. It only helps right when I take it.

Likely gallbladder. This is most likely a sign of gallbladder disease such as gallstones. You can find out if your gallbladder, liver, and right kidney are all ok with an ultrasound of the abdomen and bloodwork. Cancer of this area is very rare at your age, but i recommend getting the bloodwork and ultrasound. The Flagyl you are taking could be irritating your liver also.
Nephrolitiasis. Pain could be related to an embedded kidney stone. Urinalysis and perhaps ct of the abdomen/pelvis +/_ abdominal ultrasound might reveal the cause of this pain.
Pain. Right abdominal pain and back pain is concerning for a gallbladder disease. Cancer would have either killed it if left untreated for a year or would have gotten worse or revealed itself somehow else. Spine problem is less likely if the MRI is normal.