Food for a 9 month old infant?

Food in infant. After 4 months of age it is safe to introduce all foods into an infant diet, but their are caveats. Only 1-2 new foods per week, and slowly at that to ensure no adverse reactions. Breast feeding is still recommended as 1st for first 4-6 months. If the child has eczema, there is a higher rate of food hypersensitivity. If unsure, speak with an allergist.
Well visit? Your pediatrician will provide guidance on developmental milestones such as feeding at each scheduled well hold visit. By 9 months infants are able to eat textured foods and are able to grab foods with an immature grasp. Beware of foods that may be choking hazards and make sure pieces are small or soft. Only introduce one new food every few days in case there is a reaction. Cooked vegetables.
Food for infants? Everything you need to know to begin your child on baby foods and other solids.....Can be found in this good article... many of the pediatric doc's disagree, about when to start and what to start with. Check this article out also- http://tinyurl.Com/mx4aszm.
Varied diet at 9mo. Prett much the same stuff as larger humans, but with some differences. They shoud get a varied diet of formula or breast milk, cereals, fruits & veggies (mashed or soft), & some source of protein. Limit juice to AT MOST 4oz per day. Give new foods one (1-2x/wk) at a time to see if they're going to have an allergic reaction. NO HONEY. I like this site for what/when/how much: