I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I took affexor &lyrica for 1year but I stop medicine 3 mon ago since no pain. I ve some if I slept on hard mattress?

Cured, at least for . Cured at least for present. If an activity causes pain, how important is that activity. If not important, avoidance is the best approach.
Mattress topper. Have you considered a mattress topper made from memory foam (a minimum of 4 inches deep).? I personally found this very helpful. Take care.
Talk to your doctor. Talk to your physician about your treatment. In my practice, i explain to my patients that they should always discuss with me their ideas, concerns and plans regarding their medication treatment. Your question occurs frequently-- patients stop their medications when they feel well, then relapse. The reason they feel well is that their medications are working, and they should continue on them.