Is female circumcision only performed in undeveloped countries?

Yes. Female circumcision is not a practice that is performed in industrialzed countries. It is not a routine procedure performed for any reason.
Only maldeveloped Cs. Female circumcision has been banned in most countries and is a criminal offense in all developed countries. Now banned in countries like egypt & saudi arabia, although there are still isolated reports from the primitive hinterland where it is occasionally and illegally performed. Was performed quite commonly in the past. Still performed in some backward african countries such as somalia and mali.
No. Female genital . Mutilation is practiced in egypt, ethiopia, nigeria, djibouti, somalia, sudan, eritrea, somalia, guinea, mali, sierra leone, gambia, burkina faso, mauritania, liberia, malaysia, yemen ; indonesia. Ethnic minorities in oman, iran, iraq use it as well as immigrants to the us, canada, scandinavia, australia ; new zealand. If is also done in india, israel, columbia, sir lanka, peru; the united arab >.