Can I still have food I like if chrons disease?

Crohn's and diet. There is no direct link to diet type or specific foods and flares of Crohn's disease. Individuals may have issues with certain foods depending on the area affected by Crohn's. If you notice a specific food causes you to have an increase in symptoms I would avoid it.

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Sufferring from inflammatory bowel disease, doctors diagnosed as maybe ibs, celiac chrons disease. A lot of food allergies. Gluten, dairy intolerance?

Colon problems. Since the illnesses you mentioned in your question are all different, it sounds as though your problem really hasn't been diagnosed yet at all. If you are still having problems, be sure to see a gastroenterologist. If you have already seen one and still can't sort this out, get a second opinion from another gastroenterologist. These diseases are not mysteries! Keep going until you feel better.

My 40 yr old son is in the hospital he has chrons disease and diverticulosis he is still in terrible pain and dry heeving what else could be wrong?

Probably Crohn's. Would doubt the diverticulosis is the reason for his symptoms. If he has crohn's disease, this may cause his pain and "dry heaving." if the small bowel is involved, this may cause a small bowel obstruction and cause pain and vomiting. Would think if he's in the hospital, they could figure these things out.
Acute presentation. Requires a more expeditious diagnostic approach and coordination among the specialists. Who admitted your son? Who diagnosed his crohn's disease? Was there a ct scan to indicate diverticulitis? Crohn's complication? For this type of presentation, GI doc and surgeon work together closely to provide the best care. Your son - and his loved ones are a big part of the overall process, stay engaged...

Causes of chrons disease?

Not known yet. The cause seems to be a combination of genetics (different immune defects) and environmental triggers. The subtypes of crohn's disease may also have different immune defects, and for this reason people may respond differently to treatments. Though much more is known now about cd, we still don't know the cause. But stress and some foods can make it worse. Decreasing stressors can help a lot.

How do I know if I have chrons disease?

Crohn's diagnosis. The symptoms from crohn's range from very severe to very mild. If your primary doctor suspects crohn's they'll usually get some basic blood tests - cbc, esr, chemistry panel, liver tests, crp, but then most likely refer you to a GI specialist for a colonoscopy. The doctor will look for ulcerations, other signs of inflammation, and will do a biopsy, which will help with the diagnosis of crohn's.

What medication do you take for chrons disease?

Many options. There are many different classes of drug and more than one drug in each class. The scope of the answer is too broad for this 400 word space. Good luck.
Stop smoking. No medication will be as useful as stopping smoking. There are many anti-inflammatory meds available and these can be adjusted for you by a good gastroenterologist.

How often is apendicitis misdiagnosed as chrons disease.

Not uncommonly. Crohn's disease frequently involves the terminal ileum which is right next to the appendix. Crohn's inflammation here can easily be mistaken for appendicitis. A ct scan before surgery can often differentiate between the two.

Dose smoking affect chrons disease.?

Yes, makes it worse. Read the information on this site for details. Http://www. Webmd. Com/smoking-cessation/news/20010416/fight-fire-of-crohns-disease-quit-smoking.
That's a no-no. Many studies have shown that people who smoke are more likely to develop Crohn's Disease, and research suggests that smoking increases the severity of the disease. Read more at: https://www. Crohnsandcolitis. Org. Uk/about-inflammatory-bowel.../smoking-and-ibd.

What is treatment for chrons disease?

Long answer to this. Sometimes nothing, sometimes very expensive lifetime meds, and many options in between, depending on the symptoms and their duration. If you have confirmed or likely diagnosis, you deserve a long dicussion.

Is it not good to take vicodin 5/500 for chrons disease?

Currently. 500 mg Acetaminophen has been removed from the market by the fda. This means you have an old prescription. The risk of Acetaminophen toxicity and liver damage was unacceptable so only 300 to 325 mg is allowed in the tablet of vicodin.