Should I go to urgent care for the common cold?

ER/Urgent care abuse. A common cold is a viral infection with a short duration. Rest and drinking more fluids will help you through it. There is no need to go to an urgent care center or to the emergency room for treatment.
Probably not. If you truly just have a common cold, you should not require any treatment other than over the counter symptomatic treatment. However, if you have a high temperature, are short of breath, or have other unusual symptoms, you should get an exam to be sure you don't have something more than the common cold like pneumonia.

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Should I go to urgent care for the common cold thats going around the family?

Why? If you know you have a common cold and are able to control symptoms at home, you can save your money and not go to urgent care. If you have difficulty breathing, you should be seen urgently. For prolonged fever or symptoms that worsen after the first week or two, seeing your regular doctor might benefit. Urgent cares tend to have higher copays, and they don't know you, so your regular doc is best! Read more...
More... If your symptoms are less than 2 weeks, it is unlikely that an antibiotic will help. Saline nasal rinses have been shown to be a great help. Search "nasal rinse" to learn more! stay home if you have a fever and wash hands any time you wipe your nose or touch your face so you don't spread the infection! Read more...