What kind of surgery can be done to fix my small chin?

Chin Implant. Chin implants have become very popular these days - discuss options with a board certified plastic surgeon for more information.
Chin . You have to first be evaluated by a qualified clinician. X-rays have to be obtained to see if it is a small chin or small jaw. These are two different issues with two different surgeries. One can not replace other. So i would say either chin surgery/ implant vs. Corrective jaw surgery.
Chin surgery choices. A small chin can be fixed either with an implant or moving the chin itself (known as a genioplasty). I recommend a genioplasty for most young patients, as it is more durable over time and has less likelihood of problems. Chin implants will accomplish the same goals, but have a host of problems (fortunately rare) including movement & nerve damage, and cause the bone to slowly dissolve over time.