Is having a big butt implant like the hollywood stars a bad thing? What happens with age?

Gluteal implants. Gluteal implants are at higher risk for infection and extrusion than other implants placed. Techniques such as fat grafting are gaining popularity as its more natural and not artificial. All implants (with the exception of breast) do not fall with age if positioned correctly.. However- tissues can fall around the implant.
Implants Good/Bad. All implants have potential complications. The materials may leak or break down, you may have allergy type reactions to the materials. The implants may shift with time and cause unsightliness. On the other hand, your self image and confidence may be improved with body augmnentation. Only you can evaluate the risks/benefits. Talk it over with close friends or family as well as your pcp.
Bad idea. Buttock implants have high incidence of infection, extrusion and pain. There are other ways of enhancing buttocks such as muscle building or fat transfer. Stay away from implants.