How to explain bipolar disorder to boss?

With trepidation? First, you need to make sure you want to let your boss in on that, and make sure you can't be fired. If you work for a company with greater than 50 employees, you are probably safe. Then, ask boss when would be a good time to have a talk and schedule it. Finally, explain the best you can, what you have wrong with you and your plan to control it. The plan part is what your boss wants to know.
As above. Bipolar comes in different category and not every one who has it can't do his job. I have known many physician who had this diagnoses and were doing a good job. If u can do u job, I don't think there is a need to tell u poss any thing. However, if u r among those who can;t hold a full time job, than u can apply for disability.
Bipolar & your boss. You can be productive & full of energy as long as you take your prescribed medication regularly. Nothing to explain here. If you are stressed out or depressed, some time-off helps.