What does this indicate a pco2 arterial of 24, pH 7.49, co2 whole blood 18.8, o2 sat. 98.4 all from a blood gas

Lab data. The pc02 is low suggesting that you are blowing off carbon dioxide at an excessive rate, perhaps from hyperventilation. The p02 is normal, and the the total c02 is the sum of hco3? and pco2 by the formula: tco2 = [hco3?] + ?*pco2, where ?=0.226 mm/kpa, hco3? is expressed in millimolar concentration (mm) (mmol/l) and pco2 is expressed in kpa. 18.8 is low. Speak with your doctor.
ABG. Ph indicate alkalosis. Low pco2 indicate respiratory alkalosis. But the whole blood low normal co2 may indicate mild metabolic acidosis. Then, will be a complex acid base disorder. Respiratory alkalosis seen in stroke patients, panic attacks and anxiety disorder, drug use, asthma, pain, pulmonary embolism, heart attacks, pregnancy etc. Don't know specifics but consult a physician soon.