One of symptom of CHF is cough, can ACE inhibitors be used as it also causes cough.

Yes. Cough due to CHF is due to excessive fluid buildup in lungs due to inefficient heart function. Cough due to ace inhibitors is a benign (though irritating) side effect seen in a minority of patients. Ace inhibitors are first line drugs for "systolic" CHF ( due to weakened heart muscle). Presence of cough does not exclude use, but most physicians would switch to alternative "arb" medication.
CHF. Treatment of congestive heart failure is complex. One of the most important medications is an ace inhibitor to improve the cardiac function. Although there is a potential side effect of a dry cough in a small percentage of patients using an acei, the benefit far outweighs the risk and it should be a first line medication. Speak with your cardiologist for details of dosing.