I am curious to know if a drink or two is safe and what the side-effects if it were to pass through the breast milk?

Hard to comment. There are arguments back and forth about the safety of alcohol consumption during breastfeeding there are some basic facts. Alcohol will pass through the breast milk and it lingers in the milk after it is made.Alcohol converts to byproducts (formaldehyde) that are toxic to the developing brain.There is no level of alcohol exposure that is considered safe to a developing infant.
No (cont.) During pregnancy, the effects of alcohol on the growing baby are dose related (fas: fetal alcohol syndrome). During lactation, one can assume the amount of exposure is minimal, but not zero. Why take any chances with this.
Alcohol? . Minimal alcohol intake will not harm the baby, its the prolonged and excessive alcohol that will stimulate him and later depressed the baby.