I have anxiety. My main symptom is a jittery feeling that's really annoying and makes me want to go crazy. I am already on medicines but they aren't working. Are there any home remedies for anxiety?

Start with a simple. Exercise. Breath in deeply through your nostrils. Fill lungs (but not discomfort) hold for a five count. Exhaled slowly through an open mouth. Don't think about problems or being anxious - instead focus just on your breathing. Continue for a minimum of 12 times or until you are starting to feel less anxious. Consider tai chi, meditations, qi gong, yoga, daily exercise or acupuncture. Take care.
Have you tried... Psychotherapy? In addition to talking about your life and the pressures that may lead to your anxiety, they can teach you relaxation techniques. Good luck and let us know how you do.
?wrong diagnosis. If your main feeling is a jittery feeling that makes you want to go crazy, then it could actually be a side effect of any of a number of psychotropic meds that could cause internal restlessness. You could have hyperthyroidism, an akathisia, "restless legs and restless hands syndrome, " early parkinson's, or any of a number of similar syndromes. Please see a psych for a neuro referral.