Ankle ligament repair needed what happens during the surgery?

Different options. Most ankle ligament surgery involves either tightening up existing ligaments if they are in satisfactory condition (modified brostrum) or using a portion of a tendon to replace the deficient ligaments (anatomic free tendon reconstruction). "non anatomic reconstructions" have fallen out of favor.
Depends. This depends on what the surgeon has planned based on your case. This could be simple re-opposition of the torn or lax structures or it could be as complex as rerouting one of your native tendons for recreation of the ligamentous structure or use of a donor tendon/ligament/tissue to recreate them. Talk to your surgeon for more detailed and specific info to your case.

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Anterior ankle ligament repair, 12 days post op. Pain ++ in last 3 days, over entire foot and shin. Turns blue when down, No fever or chills - normal?

No. No, I would not say that is normal at all. I would definitely let your surgeon know and be checked immediately to make sure you have not had some type of complication. Read more...

My toes feel like theyre cold, but they aren't cold to the touch, and I can't seem to warm them up. I'm in short leg cast after ligament repair surgery?

Contact surgeon. Call the office to describe the situation. They will need to tell you how to deal it it and might want to see you to evaluate the healing. No one else is nearly as good to provide answers. This is part of post-op care. Feel better soon! Read more...