How can you tell the difference between chest pain, heartburn, angina?

See your doctor. When you have pain between the neck and upper belly, there are many things that can be the cause. Go to and emergency department or call you doctor if you have pain that is concerning to you. We'd rather tell you it's nothing than have you drop dead because you didn't get help.

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How accurate is a EKG, blood, and a stress test to rule out heart issues or angina? I'm 26, overweight, healthy but worry my gerd chest pains is my heart. My troponin I levels were < 0.02. My bp is sometimes elevated and heartrate goes down to 53bpm.

Manage your GERD. One trick may be elevating the head of your bed on cinder blocks. General physical conditioning can help also. This is not heart pain. If you are offered meds for GERD, please use them faithfully.
Highly accurate. The combination of those 3 being negative, in your age category are reassuring and make the chance of a fatal cardiac condition being under 10% and likely less than that. A lower heartrate is not a bad thing. I would recommend weight loss and increased diet and exercise.

How can you tell the difference between cardiac chest pain, muscular chest pain, and angina? I'm 18 been having chest pains for a while. Breathing fine

Consider seeing doc. Bothersome chest pain is a problem no matter what the cause. They younger a person, the less likely it's angina pectoris (heart attack chest pain). If you have a history of heart and/or lung disease, the pain could be heart-related. Even if it's a muscle strain with sharp localized soreness, you should see a doctor.
Chest pain. Describe your chest pain in details: Location, nature (sharp, dull, crushing etc), does it move to other areas of your body such as your neck, chin or your arm, other associated symptoms such as nausea, hear burn, sweating, palpitation and one of the physicians can explain the chest pain to you.