Is it important to see a healthcare provider?

Yes. It is important for everyone to have a primary care physician.
YesButKeepPriorities. Straight. Others do no provide your health! they can only advise, teach, assist in certain areas. Who is always primarily in charge of your health/disease, ongoing life choices ; outcomes? You are; not anyone else; despite all the marketing of nonsense to the contrary. So always pay attention to basic principles ; keep in mind that it is far easier for others to get you into trouble than help.
Yes. Agree completely with dr. Cheng. Google for ama guidelines for preventive health.
Absolutely. There is nothing more important than your health. Despite common belief, work, spouse, children, etc are not more important than your health (because without your good health, these other things are meaningless.) what good do you provide when laying in a hospital bed? Sorry for being blunt. So if you believe the above, you can then work towards good health when partnering with a physician.