Can I get shingles again?

It's Rare but Yes. The shingles can recurr, but it is extraordinarily rare. If it does, multiple times, you may have herpes.
Yes. A person can have shingles more than once. His primary care doctor can evaluate to see if there is a weakness in his immune system (or just bad luck, older age, or other bodily stressors) that allowed him to have the first case of shingles. The doctor can give some advice on whether or not the patient should get the shingles vaccine to help prevent a recurrence of shingles.

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I have never had chickenpox but was exposed to my grandmas shingles a long time ago, can I get shingles again?

Confusing question. You state you were exposed to shingles but never had chickenpox, and then ask if you can have shingles again?This is confusing.More than 90% of adults who do not recall chickenpox have blood tests showing they had it.You are likely carrying the chickenpox virus in hibernation in your system and at some point could develop shingles.You can have this tested to be sure. Read more...