Is there any laser treatment for acne scars?

Many. There are many lasers: noninvasive and invasive. Noninvasive lasers help with discolorations (ipl, ktp, nd:yag, alex, ruby, pulsed dye, diode) or collagen remodeling (thermage, titan). Invasive lasers include co2, fractional co2 (activefx, deepfx, totalfx, repair), erbium, fraxel, ematrix.
Yes. There are several laser, radio frequency, and non-energy treatments for acne scarring. Fully ablative and partially ablative co2 lasers, erbium lasers, e-matrix, and dermaroller treatments are all options.
Laser acne scar rx. There is a laser treatment for acne scars which is safe even off the face- that is fraxel laser. Fraxel works by shooting microscopic beams of laser light into the skin, causing increase in collagen which helps to fill in scars. More than one treatment may be needed but it doesn't leave one burned afterwards like some treatments.
Acne Scars. There are a variety of treatments available now for acne scarring including laser, fillers, dermabrasion and surgery. Treatment options vary depending on what type of scars you have. You would be best served by visiting your dermatologist to discussed what method would work best for you.