Insomnia for a year, tried herbal medicine and other medications. Nothing works. No sleep apnea, normal lft, please help?

Have them. Check for upper airway resistance syndrome. In most cases this has been missed in diagnosis since the ahi on sleep test come normal and the oxygen saturation also in normal level. The best indication for that have them check your odi and compare that wit your ahi. If the odi is elevated more than 2x of ahi his may indication of upper airway resistance.
Insomnia. Your problem is chronic. It is clear you've had some evaluation and it appears you have had a sleep study. You should really see a sleep specialist who can work through what might be the underlying cause(s) and a trial of treatments. Could try a bedside journal if your mind races. Avoid alcohol and tobacco before bed. Try massage or relaxation therapy, if available. Try consistent bed time.
Return to sleep doc. Your sleep doc can run actigraphy to objectively document your sleep pattern your answers to your sleep questionnaires at your last sleep study should be used to compare with your actual overnight sleep pattern to rule out paradoxical insomnia. Your sleep doctor should know then whether a psychiatric referral may be in order or a sleep psychologist referral.