What is a dental sealant made of?

Composite resin. It is important that resin sealants are placed on children's teeth after the pits and fissures are thoroughly cleansed. Either air abrasion or fissurotomy in a a well isolated and dry field. And children should then avoid stick candy, food and gum or they can be dislodges.
Plastic material. Sealants are a great way to help to protect your teeth, but you can still get tooth decay if you do not take care of your teeth in other ways!
Unfilled Resin. Dental Sealants are composed of unfilled resin, or composite. It is flowable and is placed on an etched dental surface, usually without any highspeed handpiece preparation, meaning no anesthesia! These are usually used in younger patients, or patients who are experiencing a high caries index, for whatever reason. Many times these can be placed by the Hygienist or Dental Assistant as well.
Space-age plastic. Dental sealants are flowable composite materials designed to get down into the cracks and grooves on the chewing surfaces of teeth and harden to form a protective barrier against future decay. The same idea as sealing a porous floor against penetration by water or dirt.
Resin composite. Dental sealants are made of resin composite - essentially the same material as white filling material. It is in a flow able consistency, rather than a putty.