How many infants with eczema or allergic dermatitis grow up and still have it?

Dont know statistics. Eczema indicates an allergic predisposition especially to foods. Statistics show that children who get eczema as infants often outgrow it by age three. If one gets it after three they might outgrow it with puberty. If onset is after puberty...Usually you have it for life. But chinese medicine, homeopathy, diet changes, and some supplements can improve the condition immensely.
About 10% About 10-20% of infants have eczema but only 1-3% of adults have it. So 80-90% of infants outgrow eczema by adulthood. The prognosis for an individual with eczema depends a lot on how severe it is in infancy. Almost everyone outgrows mild eczema. Also ~2/3 children with eczema are sensitized to foods but only half of them (i.e. 1/3 of all) improve by eliminating foods from the diet.

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Could you explain what is infant atopic dermatitis?

Dry skin. It is skin that is overly sensitive to drying and irritation. Sometimes it is also related to food allergies. The irritated skin is particularly found on the skin creases opposite the elbows and in the back of the knees. It is inherited. It responds to treatment with moisturizers and steroid creams. It improves with age and sometimes resolves. Read more...