Can pnd cause acute bronchitis or bronchitis like symptoms? I read that it can drip down into your bronchial tubes resulting in this.

Sinobronchial synd. Yes, it is thought that post-nasal drainage or drip can flow from the back of the nose to the airway through the pharynx. The pharynx is a very complex area where the air you breath and everything you swallow have to cross. Pnd can get to the trachea. Many times is causes throat clearing and cough, but I have certainly see patient develop bronchitis from colds or other upper respiratory illness.
Yes. Post nasal drainage generally indicates fluid coming from your sinuses and draining down the back of your throat. It can be caused by infection or allergy and can definitely cause bronchial irritation and cough. Sometimes flushing out your sinuses like with a neti pot can help; if allergies are involved a steroid nasal spray can decrease the drainage. Fever or bad odor might indicate an infection.