I had a cleft lip and palate. What are my future children's chances of getting it?

~6% Parent to child risk can best be calculated with a thorough review of the family tree and input from both sides of the family.A single affected patent will have ~6% risk per pregnancy if the other parent is not affected. Be aware that any pregnancy has some risk of a surprise at dellivery. A consultation with a genetic counselor could review all your risks.
Inheritance CLP. For cleft lip without palate (you-father affected) the risk is 2%. For cleft lip and palate (again-father affected) the risk is 7% without other "syndromes" associated with this. Cleft lip and cleft lip and palate are 2 times more common in males. Isolated cleft palates are 2 times more common in females. Inheritance is "multifactorial.".