I am from south india. Whenever I go to a hospital or lab to take blood tests they find it hard to sport my veins? Is it their problem or mine?

Could be normal. We often encounter patients with hard to find veins most commonly pre op, in the er or when having blood drawn.This could be normal for some, it could be due to dehydration or medications or it could even be due to overweight. Hard to find veins does not mean that there is anything wrong with you. There are ways to improve finding veins - use vein lite, hydrate and have experienced person draw it.
Not unusual. Many people have hard to find superficial veins, myself included. Usually patient should drink as much water to hydrate before blood withdrawl. In some people have to use butterfly type of needle to get smaller vein. Usually veins in hand are easily approachable. Sometimes technologist hesitant to use these hand and foot veins because more discomfort.