Need a tooth extracted due to impaction. Teeth are rather crooked. Can I get an implant or bridge instead of braces? Can a spacer hold the spot temp?

Consider both. Not seeing your problem, can't give definitive answer. Best to consult with your restorative dentist and an orthodontic specialist. Learn about all the options available to you, then pick the one that will give you the best bang for your buck. Good luck.
Depends. Depending on the space between the teeth and the position of the tooth roots, dental implants may or may not be an option. A dental bridge may also be possible. If braces are what you truly want, often times an appliance could be made to maintain the 'open' space until you are able to have the implant placed. This will prevent unwanted tooth movement.
See a dentist. There are many questions that you present that cannot be answered without x-rays, a bite alignment evaluation and a thorough exam. I would even possibly get a couple opinions to help you hopefully decide which direction to take.