Who gets shingles?

Anyone . It is usually a reoccurrence of the chicken pox virus --- more common in the elderly.
Anyone. Anyone can get it, but it's more prevalent amongst people older than 50.

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Why could it be that someone who has the shingles gets them one right after another. Like they go away in no time they are back?

? Immune system. Shingles is a herpes zoster infection. Stress, both physical and psychological, aging and immunosuppressive therapy make attacks more likely. Eating and sleeping well and getting regular exercise are important to help prevent recurrences. So is avoidance of alcohol, drugs and other toxins. There is a vaccine called zostavax that you should ask your physician about which might help you. Read more...
Recurrent Shingles. People with immune system diseases such as aids, diseases that affect the immune system such as cancer and those who take drugs that suppress the immune system because of autoimmune disease or organ transplant are most likely to develop recurrent shingles. Read more...