Do I need to have my heart murmur checked regularly?

It depends. Heart murmur is not a diagnosis. You need to know what is causing your murmur.
Depends on the cause. Many murmurs are harmless. Some just need to be watched, some reveal underlying problems that can be corrected or helped. The doctor who found the murmur can tell you which you have & what you ought to do. If you no longer see that dr, see a new one to ask. Then you can relax.

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My names is becky im 19 and was diagnosed with a heart murmur three months ago, I havnt had the money to get it checked out. As of now the murmur is?

Many things. Murmurs are caused by rough flow of blood (turbulent flow). This can mean many things. Typically they ate associated with a valve that either doesn't open properly or leaks. It can also be caused by a hole in the heart. Many times it a benign flow murmur (nothing serious). - I have one. However, the only way to tell is with detailed physical or echo. Check for free clinics in your area. Read more...
Ask. Ask the person who told you that you had a murmur how concerned you should be. Sometimes there is little concern and it can wait. Other times the murmur or your symptoms may indicate prompt evaluation is required. Read more...