Can sinus infection cause forehead numbness?

Sinusitis. Sinusitis usually causes pain and pressure, not numbness. If there is swelling, you can get a feeling of numbness, however.

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Can a sinus infection cause pain/burning on the top back of your head because? I had a bad sinus cold that started last tuesday. Monday I went on meds

Let your dr know. Referred pain patterns from the sinuses can go to different parts of the head / scalp. It's best to contact your doctor and let them know what you're experiencing. They may need to give you something that will help you feel better, plus document your symptoms. Hope you feel better soon! Read more...

"A sinus infection can make your head feel fuzzy, lethargic or disconnected, & cause your cognitive symptoms to worsen." is this true?

Unusual. However a lingering infection in the sinus can indeed cause fatigue, headaches, and even dizziness on occasions. The only possible link to cognitive function impairment is the fatigue. It should be noted that uncontrolled allergic rhinitis has led to mild cognitive impairment when studied in children and thus the answer is possible . Psychologic /neurologic evaluation? Read more...