Can low potassium cause seizures?

No. Low potassium can cause muscle pain, cramps, weakness, paralysis, and even heart rhythm changes. Extent of symptoms are in part related to severity of drop in levels.
Low K seizures? I have never heard of low K causing seizures if you mean an epileptic fit where you lose conciseness and shake all over. However It can cause seizing of muscles in cramps so severe you can't move or cry out in pain. Low K is a frequent cause of muscle cramps and numbness and tingling around mouth. Need more details. Can get Second Opinion with me.

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Can low potassium cause seizures in non epileptic pt? I've had two seizures over 15months and both times potassium has been critical low.

Not really. Convulsive episodes or seizures do not occur at increased frequency or risk in hypokalemic patients. Muscle weakness and fatigue/lethargy are more common symptoms of potassium depletion. More at risk with low potassium is heart rhythm and muscle paralysis in the condition known as hypokalemic periodic paralysis. Read more...