What exactly is a breast lift? Where are the scars, and what gets cut out?

Elevation of nipple . A breast lift or mastopexy is a surgery to elevate the nipple back to the apex of the breast. It can also elevate the breast tissue to a more youthful superior position. There are many techniques and scar patterns, but only skin is removed. The breast tissue is left alone or repositioned depending on the surgeon's technique.
4 types of lifts. The breast can be lifted with 4 types of incisions. The purpose of the incision is to cut out the excess tissue . The incision techniques are: 1) anchor or inverted t, lollipop with vertical , crescent lift mastopexy, and the bennelli (periareolar), i frequently use the bennelli for which the scar quickly disappears into border of your areolar (nipple) complex. It has minimal scarring.
Mastopexy (lift) Usually involves incisions around the areola, and may include a vertical incision shaped a bit like keyhole. Tightening occurs with some skin-only removal and suturing of the tissue to tighten. Sometimes, suspension sutures are used to help resist the drooping recurrence. Several types of mastopexy, seek counsel of a couple of surgeons to get second opinion.
Breast lift scars. A breast lift, surgically reshapes and elevates the breasts, restoring a more youthful, rounded and firm shape. A breast lift may be performed with or without a breast augmentation to provide additional volume to the breast. Incisions are placed around the nipple and areola. In some instances a vertical incision from the nipple to the breast crease or an incision under the breast may be necessary.
It varies. A breast lift can reposition the breast and nipple to a normal, aesthetically pleasing position on the chest wall. Scars are often made around the areola, vertically down from the areola to the breast crease, and horizontally within the breast crease. There are several variations on this theme, some of which leave fewer or shorter scars.
BreastLift=Mastopexy. A breast lift aka mastopexy is a method to elevate the breast mound and/or nipple on the chest. There are m any different types that are commonly referred to as the crescent (periareolar), donut (circumareolar) lollipop (circumvertical) or the anchor (wise pattern) lifts. Scars are placed on top of the areola, all the way around, around and vertically below and occasionally in the breast crease as.