Is there a fast cure for blood clots?

No fast cure. There is no fast cure for blood clots. It is your own body that is supposed to dissolve the clots. The blood thinner is going to help preventing the blood clots from getting bigger and creating more problems. Depending on the location, the extent of blood clots, the cause etc- blood clots is a serious condition. You should see you doctor for further treatment and evaluation.
See a physician. Blood clots are a serious problem that needs to be evaluated. There is no fast cure but depending on the location of the blood clot blood thinners may be needed. Also the reason that the blood clot developed needs to be determined.
Yes. Tpa can be used to dissolve clots fast or special catheters can be used to suck clot out. Still need Coumadin (warfarin) after for at least 6 months.

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What is the cure for blood clots?

Depends on the cause. Blood clots are a normal process. If there are excessive clots, then the treatment is tailored to the cause. You may consult this site for more info: Read more...

MY blood clots fast when I have a cut and my cuts heal pretty fast. Does that mean im blood healthy?

Ok. Fast is a relatively term but clotting too fast or too slow is usually not desirable. If your wounds heal normally, it is good news but it does not necessarily mean that your blood is healthy since the clotting mechanism accounts for only a small part of your blood. Read more...