When I don't get enough sleep I have symptoms. Could it be narcolepsy?

Probably not. Inadequate sleep can cause lots of symptoms: fatigue, irritability, headaches, memory and attention problems, increased accidents, etc. The symptoms resolve with adequate sleep. Narcolepsy is a chronic medical condition which is associated with excessive daytime sleepiness, sleep paralysis, vivid dreams, and sudden drop attacks associated with strong emotion. The epworth sleepiness scale can help.
No. Narcolepsy is a specific syndrome manifested by irresistible desire to sleep in unusual and unlikely situations (it is often associated with cataplexy, hypnogogic hallucinations and sleep paralysis) . Your sleepiness is due to not having enough sleep or due to sleep apnea.
Insuff sleep. Probably not. Insufficient sleep is the real problem. Naroclepsy is a problem with the brain and the sleep/wake turn on and off. This is not a problem that "gets better or changes day to day." insufficient sleep can make you feel terrible and last longer than 1-2 days after a bad night. The only way to solve is making more time for sleep.