How long should visit for necrotic breast lump last?

Not clear. I don't really understand that question. A necrotic breast lump?
Need more info. 1) "necrotic breast lump" means, to me at least, a tumor that has outgrown its blood supply and died. This is usually a diagnosis made after surgery. 2) what kind of visit are you referring to? ...Preop visit? ...Operation? ....Postoperative? I'm sorry that I couldn't be more helpful but there are too many "missing pieces" here.

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Breast lump outer quadrant feels long, soft in shower, firm when standing. Hx of fibrocystic changes. Does breast tissue feel like this?

Exam needed. This all sounds benign, but the truth is that the best assessment will be by a physical exam. Www. Drlugo. Com.
Breast lump. Most likely to be benign like a cyst or adenoma which is also benign. You may want to consider a ultrasound of the breast and or biopsy.

Had a biopsy on left breast lump last year, got diagnosed with fibroadenoma, can it cause pain? An little swelling

Sometimes yes. If a core biopsy made the diagnosis, I would repeat an ultrasound, to see if the fibroadenoma grew. Even though benign, fibroadenomas can grow. If the growth is substantial, I would recommend removal, to r/o a phyllodes tumor. This is a tumor w malignant potential that can be difficult to distinguish from a fibroadenoma on core biopsy.
Fibrous demons. Those lumps are sometimes tender to touch they are usually benign. Excessive caffeine intake can make them more prone to happen.
Possible. Fibroadenoma of breast most of the time painless or will give minimum discomfort, if you have only biopsy and tumor is not removed completely may cause pain due to tissue reaction & scar tissue then get it removed, if removed go back to your surgeon for evaluation possible tests.
It may. Your breast fibroadenoma maybe enlarging. However, there may be other causes for your breast pain and swelling. I would suggest that you have a medical evaluation.
Yes, a fibroadenoma can enlarge and/or cause pain. But at this point you don't know if the fibroadenoma is causing your new symptoms, so you need to see your doc for an evaluation.

How long can you delay the breast lump removal a doctor advised?

Why wait? If it is cancer you need to get started, if it isn't you can stop worrying. Waiting is the worst option and a form of denial. Schedule it and get it over.
Need biosy results. With rare exception, one should not go to the or without a tissue diagnosis. This is usually easily accomplished via needle biopsy under local anesthesia. Once the diagnosis is established, the timing of the surgery can be guided by whether the lump is benign or malignant: if benign, no urgency; if malignant, why wait?
Don't wait. Is there a particular reason for waiting? Insurance coverage maybe? Otherwise, as others have posted, it seems like a definitive diagnosis of your lump is needed. If it is malignant, you need to get treatment, and if it is benign, you can rest easy. Is this lump amenable to needle biopsy? That would be the preferred option over surgical excision in most cases.

Breast lump upper outer quad feels long&curved feels like swollen vein. Soft in shower, Dr says normal glandr tissue. Can br. Tissue feel like this?

Mondors disease. The breast findings you describe fits into the description of Mondors disease of the breast, a rare benign breast condition characterized by thrombophlebitis of the superficial/subcutaneous veins of the chest wall. Incidence rate is 0.5-0.8% The patient usually presents with a painful breast (cord-like) mass. There may be overlying skin erythema noted.

How will I know if I have breast lump?

Self-examination. Tara-that is often a very difficult thing to determine for patient and doctor, since the breast by it's very nature is a very "lumpy-bumpy" organ. If you perform self-examination, you will be more likely to identify any new lump, which should prompt a visit to your doctor. If they share your concern, they will send you to a breast specialist and may order tests such as an ultrasound+/-mammogram.
Ask doctor. Your doctor can teach you self examination of the breast. How to do it, when to do it, and when to have a lump checked out. There are devices that simulate breast tissue that your doctor uses to help you get the "feel" of how a breast should feel and how lumps feel.

My Friend is experiencing breast lump.

Evaluation. There is a good chance that it might not be cancer but it is certainly important to get it checked and provide more information to the physician.