Anyone know about a hysteroscopic myomectomy? Intubated or IV for anesthesia?

Most likely general. Iv sedation is used for a brief procedures, which causes discomfort, like colonoscopy etc. Hysteroscopic myomectomy is relatively painful procedure, relatively takes long time of 1 hr or more, needs air way maintenance, preferred choice of anesthesia will be general with oropharygeal , or endtracheal intubation whch assures absolute safety.
General anesthesia. A hysteroscopic myomectomy is the removal of a submucosal or intrauterine fibroid using an operating scope that is inserted through the cervix. This procedure requires dilation of the uterus, distension of the uterus with a solution, and cutting with electrocautery. It requires general anesthesia which requires an iv.
General anesthesia. I think you would be rather uncomfortable with anything less than general anesthesia.

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Question about a hysteroscopic myomectomy: do you need to be intubated or IV of anesthesia?

It depends. I prefer to intubate women for this because the fluid they use to see what they are doing can get absorbed and effect the lungs and usually the patient is in a head down position ( also not good for the lungs ) if the myoma is small and you are very healthy then you may have IV deep sedation. But you should always let the anesthesia people do what they are comfortable with. Read more...
For an hysteroscopy. You won't need an endotracheal tube, an lma will be placed which just sits behind your tongue and much better tolerated and allows you to breathe on your own. Read more...