Can I return by air to us a week after a mommy makeover?

I don't think so. The abdominal muscle tightening that is an integral part of an abdominoplasty requires the same postop care as a hernia repair: no heavy lifting for 6 weeks. International travel usually involves some unexpected lifting, so you would need a companion to do this for you. I ask my breast/abdomen patients to remain locally for about 10 days unless there is a local surgeon to care for him/her.
Post op tummy tuck. Post op care following a tummy tuck is very important. To return home on an international flight just one week following this procedure is not a good idea. Additionally, the trip can be physically exhausting at this point in your recovery. It would be advisable to stay longer. I ask all of my international patients to stay 2 weeks after a tummy tuck.
Probably not. For an extensive procedure, it would e best to remain near your surgeon for about two weeks unless you have a physician who can manage your postoperative care and questions and potential problems back home.
Not wise. There are a couple of issues here: 1. After just one week, your post-op care is not completed. 2. Your risk of getting a DVT from long air travel is still elevated. 3. Who is going to provide your follow-up care in the event of a complication? It's better to have the procedure locally, so your surgeon is in the area, in case of a problem.
Mommy Makeover. For many of my patients that travel to come see us in chicago, we typically recommend that they plan on staying for one week but may need to stay longer if there are any unexpected difficulties with their recovery. Air travel itself typically is not the problem but heavy luggage is a no no and you want to be close to medical assistance in case there are any problems.