Diagnosed with liver cancer also breast cancer. What is the prognosis?

It is not very usual. To have two cancers at once' more likly the breast cancer is the cause of the liver lesion (s). Ifthere is doubt, a biopsy can be done to verify cell type and establish appropriate treatment, including presence of er/pr/her-2-neu - cell surface marker suggesting treatment. Liver metastasis can respond, but classically less responsive to hormones, and not having as favorable outcome to therapy.
Need more info. I am sorry to hear about your diagnosis. In general, when cancer has spread from one organ, such as the breast, to the liver, the chance for cure is low. However, the chance for remission is possible, and is dependent on the unique "fingerprint" of your cancer, which will identify what drugs will be most effective. Don't give up hope: many people can live for years if the tumor is chemosensitive.
Not good. When a cancer is present in multiple organs, it is usually incurable. The circumstance you describe is likely a primary breast cancer that has spread to the liver and it indicates poor prognosis.

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My mother just passed away peacefully last week due to liver cancer and cirrhosis. Do I have to do check up? She might have breast cancer too.

Check up. It never hurts, but it really depends on what caused her liver cancer and cirrhosis. If it was hepatitis C that is usually transmitted sexually or thru IV drug use. Alcoholism can cause cirrhosis as well. If she had breast cancer you might want to consider genetic testing for that BRCA test (breast cancer antigen), especially if other female family members have a history of it or ovarian cancer.

Someone I know had breast cancer about 3 years ago. Within the past year, the cancer spread to the spine and liver. What is the prognosis?

Not good. Breast cancer that spreads to bone (the spine) is usually "end stage" disease. It then becomes a "matter of time"".
Varies. This depends on her response to treatment and her overall health. The average 5 year overall survival for someone with stage IV breast cancer is 15%.
Stage IV. When the cancer spreads beyond the primary organ- here- is breast- ; it is considered to be a stage IV disease. It is treatable- however it is incurable. Statistically, the 5 year survival in stage IV breast cancer is approximately 20 %.

What should I expect regarding stage 4 breast cancer that has spread to the liver?

Hard fight. This is obviously an aggressive tumor and you will need all your strength to fight it. Options do exist and discuss with a good cancer doctor.
Chronic treatment. Breast cancer in the liver means it is metastatic and cannot be cured. Therapy exists making this a chronic disease and there are people on therapy for many years, although breast cancer usually wins in the end. It is hopeful if this is the only location for metastatic lesions and also hopeful if it is hormone sensitive. Your oncologist can tell you this.
Many options. Even though this is incurable there are many treatment options. A series of chemotherapy treatments can be utilised and trial drugs are also an option. Every effort needs to be made to address other issues such as preserving liver function and supporting nutrition, pain control, etc.
Still treatable. There are many chemo options available. If it is stage 4 by virtue of minimal liver involvement-there is good medical data to talk with a liver surgeon to discuss removal of that portion of the liver. If there are other spots of tumor spread in the body, then chemotherapy and hormone suppression therapy are the mainstays of treatment. Focal radiation can help bone pain.

Is secondary cancer always terminal? My nana's breast cancer has spread to her liver...how long does she have to live?

Not good, but... Nowadays, the advent of chemotherapy & the understanding of the cancer with specific cell types have brought much more good news to the cancer affected patients including breast cancer although, of course, metastatic cancer worsens the longevity. For your nana, it would be more logical to direct this Q to her medical oncologist who knows more her individual conditions than anyone online.

I have a friend that has stage three breast cancer in both breast and it has spread to the liver. What is her survival rate?

Everyone's different. Survival rates are most appropriately applied to large groups of patients; it's impossible to give such a number for one person, especially without knowing her own unique situation. As a generalization, we usually talk about "remission" rather than "cure" when cancer has spread to the liver (stage 4, by definition) since it is very difficult to completely eradicate cancer in that setting.
Guarded. Spreding to the liver is obviously a more aggressive disease. However, the prognosis will vary based on: do the cancer cells express her2 & hormonal receptors; if the cancer was already in the liver on presentation or spread to it while on treatment; can the tumors be surgically excised, etc. You need to have a detailed discussion with your cancer doctor.
Survival? I want you to think about my answer-because it is the best. Metastatic breast cancer at this moment is not curable. But often can be "controllable" for sometimes long periods of time--years+. Current treatments are improving. The quality of time has alot to do with mindset of the pt. Enjoying every day, trying alternative treatments-along with trad tx. Being loved-support helps alot.
Depends. Stage 3 means armpit lymph node in involvement. Spread to other organs means stage 4. Treatment options vary. Best option is for her to have a review by a good oncologist for possible treatment options.

How long can I survive with stage 4 breast cancer that has spread to my liver without chemotherapy?

Not predictable. There are too many variables in the tumor types and individuals to provide a meaningful timeline for your disease course. However, it would be prudent to get your affairs in order at the earliest.
Hard to say. Hello - there are many treatment options for stage 4 breast cancer. If your cancer is ER or PR positive, hormonal tx can be used. If it is Her2 positive, Herceptin (trastuzumab) and other targeted, non-chemos can be used. If the breast cancer is triple negative then chemo is your best option. There are "mild" chemos, some oral, that can be tried. Average lifespan is usually quite long with treatment. Best.