Can rosacea be cured?

No. Rosacea is a chronic inflammatory condition that waxes and wanes. It usually begins in adulthood, and when papules develop, some call it "adult acne", though this is not acne. Treatment goal is to avoid known triggers and control the flares as there is no cure.
Rosacea. Please review the video for more information

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Which herbs can help to cure rosacea?

None. There are no herbs that cure rosacea. Avoiding trigger foods can be helpful. Traditional treatments includ topical Metronidazole or Azelaic Acid and low dose anti-inflammatory medications which are very well tolerated and also help peridontal disease. The redness can be improved with eucerin redness relief and vascular laser or ipl. Read more...
Rosacea. Some people with rosacea report that horse-chestnut cream or-rose-wax cream is helpful. Either of these products can be applied to the affected areas twice a day. Read more...